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Business Services Training Package Subjects

The following is a list of Business Services Training Package modules available using WebTrain based Learning Management Systems.

Business Services Training Package

BSB and Non-Superceded BSB07 Training Package Units

BSBCMM211 (Apply Communication Skills (V1))
BSBCMM211 (Apply Communication Skills (V2))
BSBCMM411 (Make Presentations (V1))
BSBCUS301 (Deliver and Monitor a Service to Customers (V1))
BSBCUS401A (Co-Ordinate Implementation of Customer Service (V1))
BSBCUS402 (Address Customer Needs (V1))
BSBEBU501 (Evaluate E-Business Opportunities E-Business (V1))
BSBEBU502 (Evaluate E-Business Models (V1))
BSBFIA412 (Report on Financial Activity (V1))
BSBFIN302 (Maintain Financial Records (V1))
BSBHRM413 (Support the Learning and Development of Teams and Individuals (V1))
BSBHRM413 (Support the Learning and Development of Teams and Individuals (V2))
BSBHRM416 (Process Payroll (V1))
BSBINS201 (Process and Maintain Workplace Information (V1))
BSBINS201 (Process and Maintain Workplace Information (V2))
BSBINS202 (Handle Mail (V1))
BSBINS202 (Handle Mail (V2))
BSBINS302/03 (Organize Workplace Information and Utilize a Knowledge Management System (V1))
BSBITS401 (Maintain Business Technology (V1))
BSBITU112 (Develop Keyboard Skills (V1))
BSBITU211 (Produce Simple Word Processed Documents (V1))
BSBITU211 (Produce Simple Word Processed Documents (V2))
BSBITU212 (Create and Use Simple Spreadsheets (V1))
BSBITU314 (Develop and Produce Spreadsheets (V1))
BSBLDR301 (Support Effective Workplace Relationships (V1))
BSBLDR301 (Support effective Workplace Relationships (V2))
BSBLDR413 (Lead Effective Workplace Relationships (V1))
BSBLDR414 (Lead Team Effectiveness (V1))
BSBMED301 (Interpret and Apply Medical Terminology Appropriately (V1))
BSBMED302 (Prepare and Process Medical Accounts (V1))
BSBMED303 (Maintain Patient Records (V1))
BSBMED304 (Assisting in Controlling Stocks and Supplies (V1))
BSBMED305 (Apply the Principles of Confidentiality, Privacy and Security (V1))
BSBMED305 (Apply the Principles of Confidentiality, Privacy and Security (V2))
BSBMGT502 (Manage People Performance (V1))
BSBMKG413 (Promote Products and Services (V1))
BSBOPS101 (Use Business Resources (V1))
BSBOPS201 (Work Effectively in Business Environments (V1))
BSBOPS201 (Work Effectively in Business Environments (V2))
BSBOPS201 (Work Effectively in Business Environments (V3))
BSBOPS203 (Deliver a Service to Customers (V1))
BSBOPS203 (Deliver a Service to Customers (V2))
BSBOPS301 (Maintain Business Resources (V1))
BSBOPS301 (Maintain Business Resources (V2))
BSBOPS303 (Organize Schedules (Medical) (V1))
BSBOPS303 (Organize Schedules (V1))
BSBOPS305 (Process Customer Complaints (V1))
BSBOPS401 (Coordinate Business Resources (V1))
BSBOPS401 (Coordinate Business Resources (V2))
BSBOPS401 (Coordinate Business Resources (V3))
BSBOPS401 (Coordinate Business Resources (Medical) (V1))
BSBOPS402 (Coordinate Business Operational Plans (V1))
BSBOPS403 (Apply Business Risk Management Processes (V1))
BSBOPS405 (Organize Business Meetings (V1))
BSBOPS405 (Organize Business Meetings (V2))
BSBPEF101 (Plan and Prepare for Work Readiness (V1))
BSBPEF202 (Plan and Apply Time Management (V1))
BSBPEF301 (Organize Personal Work Priorities (V1))
BSBPEF402 (Develop Work Priorities (V1))
BSBRES411 (Analyze and Present Research Information (V1))
BSBSTR301 (Contribute to Workplace Innovation (V1))
BSBSTR301 (Contribute to Workplace Innovation (V2))
BSBSTR301 (Contribute to Workplace Innovation (V3))
BSBSTR301 (Contribute to Workplace Innovation (V4))
BSBSUS211 (Participate in Sustainable Work Practices (V1))
BSBSUS211 (Participate in Sustainable Work Practices (V2))
BSBTEC101 (Operate Digital Devices (V1))
BSBTEC101 (Operate Digital Devices (V2))
BSBTEC101 (Operate Digital Devices (V3))
BSBTEC301 (Prepare and Process Documents (V1))
BSBTEC303 (Create Electronic Presentations (V1))
BSBTEC401 (Design and Produce Complex Text Documents (V1))
BSBTEC401 (Design and Produce Complex Text Documents (V2))
BSBTWK201 (Work Effectively with Others (V1))
BSBTWK301 (Work Effectively With Diversity (V1))
BSBTWK401 (Build and Maintain Business Relationships (V1))
BSBTWK401 (Build and Maintain Business Relationships (V2))
BSBTWK503 (Manage Meetings (V1))
BSBWHS211 (Contribute to the Health and Safety of Self and Others (V1))
BSBWHS211 (Contribute to the Health and Safety of Self and Others (V2))
BSBWHS311 (Maintain Workplace Safety (V1))
BSBWHS411 (Implement and Monitor WHS Policies, Procedures and Programs (V1))
BSBWHS412 (Assist with Workplace Compliance with WHS laws (V1))
BSBWHS413 (Contribute to Implementing and Maintaining WHS Consultation (V1))
BSBWHS414 (Contribute to WHS Risk Management (V1))
BSBWHS415 (Contribute to Implementing WHS Management Systems (V1))
BSBWHS419 (Contribute to Implementing WHS Monitoring Processes (V1))
BSBWOR201 (Manage Personal Stress in the Workplace (V1))
BSBWOR202 (Complete Daily Work Activities (V1))
BSBWOR202 (Complete Daily Work Activities (V2))
BSBWOR203 (Work Effectively With Others (V1))
BSBWOR204 (Use Business Technology (V1))
BSBWRT311 (Write Simple Documents (V1))
BSBWRT411 (Write Complex Documents (V1))
BSBXCM301 (Engage in Workplace Communication (V1))
BSBXTW301 (Work in a Team (V1))
BSBXTW401 (Lead and Facilitate a Team (V1))
MSMOPS212 (Organize Workplace Information (V1))
TAEASS401 (Plan Assessment Activities and Processes (V1))

Certificate I Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBCMN101A Prepare For Work
BSBCMN102A Complete Daily Work Activities
BSBCMN103A Apply Basic communication Skills
BSBCMN104A Plan Skill Development
BSBCMN105A Use Business Equipment
BSBCMN106A Follow Workplace Safety Procedures
BSBCMN109A Follow Environmental Work Practices

Certificate II Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBCMN201A Work effectively in a business environment
BSBCMN202A Organise and complete work activities
BSBCMN203A Communicate in the workplace
BSBCMN204A Work effectively with others
BSBCMN205A Use business technology
BSBCMN206A Process and maintain workplace information
BSBCMN207A Prepare and produce financial/ business documents
BSBCMN208A Deliver a service to customers
BSBCMN209A Provide information to clients
BSBCMN210A Implement improved work practices
BSBCMN211A Participate in workplace safety
BSBCMN212A Handle mail
BSBCMN213A Produce simple word processed documents
BSBCMN214A Create and use simple spreadsheets
BSBCMN215A Participate in environmental work practices

Certificate III Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBCMN301A Exercise initiative in a business environment
BSBCMN302A Organise personal work priorities
BSBCMN304A Contribute to personal skill development and learning
BSBCMN305A Organise workplace information
BSBCMN306A Produce business documents
BSBCMN307A Maintain business resources
BSBCMN308A Maintain financial records
BSBCMN309A Recommend products and services
BSBCMN310A Develop and Monitor a service to customers
BSBCMN311A Maintain Workplace Safety
BSBCMN312A Support innovation and change
BSBCMN313A Maintain environmental procedures
BSBEBUS403A Communicate Electronically
BSBEBUS409A Lead and Facilitate E-Staff
BSBFLM302A Support leadership in the workplace
BSBFLM303A Contribute to effective workplace relationships
BSBFLM303B Contribute To Effective Workplace Relationships
BSBFLM304A Participate in work teams
BSBFLM305B Support Operational Plan
BSBFLM306B Provide Workplace Information and Resourcing Plans
BSBFLM309A Support continuous improvement systems and processes
BSBFLM309B Support Continuous Improvement Systems and Processes
BSBFLM311B Support A Workplace Learning Envorinment
BSBFLM312A Contribute To Team Effectiveness
BSBMKG301A Research the market
BSBMKG302A Identify marketing opportunities
BSBMKG303A Draft an elementary marketing audit report
BSBSLS301A Develop product knowledge
BSBSLS302A Identify sales prospects
BSBSLS303A Present a sales solution
BSBSLS304A Secure prospect commitment
BSBSLS305A Support post-sale activities
BSBSLS306A Self-manage sales performance
BSBADM302A Produce texts from notes
BSBADM303A Produce texts from audio transcription
BSBADM304A Design and develop text documents
BSBADM305A Create and use databases
BSBADM306A Create electronic presentations
BSBADM307A Organise schedules
BSBADM308A Process payroll
BSBADM309A Process accounts payable and receivable
BSBADM310A Maintain a general ledger

Certificate III Medical Administration 30704 Modules (Old)

BSBADM303A - Produce Texts from Audio Transcriptions (Medical)
BSBADM307A - Organise Schedules (Medical)
BSBCMN302A - Organise Personal Work Priorities and Development (Medical)
BSBCMN306A - Produce Business Documents (Medical)
BSBCMN311A - Maintain Workplace Safety (Medical)
BSBCMN315A - Work Effectively with Diversity
BSBCMN316A - Process Customer Complaints
BSBCMN317A - Meet Customer needs and expectations
BSBMED201A - Use Basic Medical Terminology
BSBMED301A - Use Advanced Medical Terminology
BSBMED302A - Prepare and Process Medical Accounts
BSBMED303A - Maintain Patient Records
BSBMED304A - Assisting in controlling stocks and supplies
BSBMED305A - Apply the principles of Confidentiality, Privacy and Security

Certificate IV Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBCMN402A Develop work priorities
BSBCMN403A Establish business networks
BSBCMN404A Develop teams and individuals
BSBCMN405A Analyse and present research information
BSBCMN406A Maintain business technology
BSBCMN408A Report on financial activity
BSBCMN409A Promote products and services
BSBCMN410A Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
BSBCMN411A Monitor a safe workplace
BSBCMN412A Promote innovation and change
BSBCMN413A Implement And monitor environmental policies
BSBCMN416A Identify risk and apply risk management processes
BSBSLS401A Lead a sales team
BSBFLM402A Show leadership in the workplace
BSBFLM403A Manage effective workplace relationships
BSBFLM403B Manage effective workplace relationships
BSBFLM404A Lead work teams
BSBFLM405A Implement operational plan
BSBFLM405B Implement operational plan
BSBFLM406A Implement workplace information system
BSBFLM406B Implement workplace information system
BSBFLM409A Implement continuous improvement
BSBFLM409B Implement continuous improvement
BSBHR401A Administer Human Resource Systems
BSBHR402A Recruit and Select Personnel
BSBHR403A Process Human Resource Documents and Inquiries
BSBHR404A Co-Ordinate Human Resource Services

Diploma in Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBFLM504A Facilitate Work Teams
BSBFLM509A Promote Continuous Improvement
BSBFLM511B Develop a Workplace Learning Environment

More Certificate II and III Business Services Modules. (Old)

BSBCMN201A Work Effectively in a Business Environment
BSBCMN202A Organise and Complete Daily Work Activities
BSBCMN203A Communicate in the Work Place
BSBCMN204A Work Effectively With Others
BSBCMN205A Use Business Technology
BSBCMN206A Process and Maintain Workpalce Information
BSBCMN207A Prepare and Process Financial / Business Documents
BSBCMN208A Deliver a Service to Customers
BSBCMN209A Provide Information to Clients
BSBCMN211A Participate in Work Place Safety Procedures
BSBCMN213A Produce Simple Wordprocessed Documents
BSBCMN214A Create and Use Simple Spreadsheet
BSBADM301A Maintain a General Ledger
BSBADM309A Process Accounts Payable and Receivable
BSBADM310A Maintain a General Ledger
BSBCMN301A Exercise Initiative in a Business Environment
BSBCMN302A Organize Personal Work Priorities and Development
BSBCMN304A Contribute to Personal Skill Development and Learning
BSBCMN308A Maintain Financial Records
BSBCMN309A Recommend Products and Services
BSBCMN312A Support Innovation and Change
BSBCMN313A Maintain Environmental Procedures
BSBFLM303A Contribute to Effective Work Place Relationships
BSBSBM301A Research Business Opportunities
ICAITU126B Use Advanced Features of Computer Applications
ICAITU131A Operate Database Application
ICAITU132A Operate a Presentation Package
ICAITU133A Send and Retrieve Information Over the Internet Using Browsers and E-mail
THHGCS02B Promote Products and Services to Customers
THHGFA01B Process Financial Transactions

More Certificate IV Stream Business Services Modules. (Old)

BSBCMN403A Establish Business Networks
BSBCMN404A/BSBFLM404A Develop and Lead Teams
BSBCMN412A Promote Innovation and Change
BSBSBM401A Establish Business and Legal Requirements
BSBSBM402A Undertake Financial Planning
BSBSBM404A Undertake Business Planning
BSBCMN408A Report on Financial Activity
BSBHR401A Administer Human Resource Systems
BSBHR402A Recruit and Select Personnel
BSBHR403A Process Human Resource Documents and Inquiries
BSBHR404A Co-ordinate Human Resource Services
BSZ401A Plan Assessment
BSZ402A Conduct Assessment
BSZ403A Review Assessment
BSBMKG401A Profile the Market
BSBMKG402A Analyse Consumer Behaviour for Specific Markets
BSBMKG404A Forecast Business and Market Needs
BSBMKG407A Make a Presentation
BSBADM405A Organise Meetings
BSBADM408A Prepare Financial Reports
BSBADM404A Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets
BSBADM403A Develop and Use Complex Databases
BSBADM402A Produce Complex Business Documents
BSBEBUS401A Conduct Online Research
BSBEBUS403A Communicate Electronically
BSBEBUS404A Trade Online
BSBEBUS405A Conduct Online Financial Transactions
BSBEBUS406A Monitor and Maintain Records in an Online Environment
BSBEBUS407A Review and Maintain the Business Aspects of a Website

Diploma of Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBMGT502A Manage People Performance
BSBMGT503A Prepare Budgets and Financial Plans
BSBMGT504A Manage Budgets and Financial Plans
BSBMGT505A Ensure a Safe Workplace
BSBMGT506A Recruit, Select and Induct Staff
BSBHR502A Manage Human Resource Management Information Systems
BSBHR503A Manage Performance Management Systems
BSBHR504A Manage Industrial Relations Policies and Procedures
BSBHR506A Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes
BSBHR508A Manage Life and Work Skills
BSBMKG501A Evaluate Marketing Opportunities
BSBMKG502A Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix
BSBMKG503A Develop a Marketing Communications Plan
BSBMKG504A Implement a Marketing Solution
BSBMKG505A Review Marketing Performance
BSBADM502A Manage Meetings
BSBADM503A Plan and Manage Conferences
BSBADM504A Plan and Review Administration Systems
BSBADM505A Manage Payroll
BSBEBUS501A Evaluate E-Business Opportunities
BSBEBUS502A Evaluate E-Business Models
BSBEBUS503A Design an E-Business
BSBEBUS504A Implement an E-Business Strategy
BSBEBUS505A Implement New Technologies for Business
BSBEBUS506A Plan and Develop a Business Website
BSBEBUS518A Manage E-Business Supply Chain

Advanced Diploma of Business Services Modules (Old)

BSBMGT602A Contribute to the Development and Implementation of Strategic Plan
BSBMGT605A Provide Leadership across the Organisation
BSBMGT606A Manage Customer Focus
BSBMGT608A Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement
BSBMGT609A Manage Risk
BSBRKG603A Prepare a Functional Analysis for an Organisation
BSBHR601A Manage Change
BSBHR602A Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning
BSBHR603A Contribute to Organisation Development
BSBHR604A Manage Employee Relations
BSBHR605A Contribute to Organisation Design
BSBMKG601A Develop Marketing Strategies
BSBMKG602A Develop a Marketing Plan
BSBMKG604A Develop and Manage Direct Marketing Campaigns
BSBMKG605A Evaluate International Marketing Opportunities
BSBMKG606A Manage International Marketing Programs
BSBEBUS601A Develop an E-Business Strategy (Core)
BSBEBUS604A Develop a Business Website Strategy (Core)
BSBEBUS606A Manage E-Business Risk (Core)
BSBEBUS607A Develop an E-Business outsourcing Policy and Guidelines (Core)
BSBEBUS613A Develop Online Customer Service Strategies (Core)


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