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Timed IELTS Preparation/Practice tests

The Listening, Reading, and Grammar tests contained within the IELTS Preparation course above are also available as timed and computer scored tests. The tests are designed to allow organisations and students some indication of their likely IELTS level. It is not an IELTS test.

English as a Second Language

ESL is available using WebTrain based Learning Management Systems in Beginner to Intermediate Level English. This course is also equivalent to Cert I to IV in English. The course can be customised to any learning or subject area. eg. If you require it for Nursing, the content can be easily changed to suit.

Diogenes College and WebTrain have joined forces to produce a highly interactive online ESL course. The course contains 4 levels, 32 lessons and 4 tests. Within the lessons and tests are over 50 videos, hundreds of audio files and many interactivities to support your students preparation from Beginner to Intermediate level English studies.

To see a demonstration on this course, click on the image below.

Very Basic English

Very Basic English has been designed for the very beginner in mind. This course should be used if you are starting out. It contains many instructions in a number of other langauges (Mandarin, Thai, Arabic). The course contains 8 lessons and 2 tests. Within the lessons and tests are many video, audio, homework and interactivity files.

To see a demonstration on this course, click on the image below.

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