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Information Technology Subjects

The following is a list of Information Technology subjects available using WebTrain based Learning Management Systems.

Information Technology


ICAICT101A Operate a personal computer
ICAICT102A Operate word-processing applications
ICAICT103A Use, communicate and search securely on the internet
ICAICT104A Use digital devices
ICAICT105A Operate spreadsheet applications
ICAICT106A Operate presentation packages
ICAICT201A Use computer operating systems and hardware
ICAICT202A Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment
ICAICT203A Operate application software packages
ICAICT204A Operate a digital media technology package
ICAICT205A Design basic organisational documents using computing packages
ICAICT206A Install software applications
ICAICT207A Integrate commercial computing packages
ICAICT208A Operate accounting applications
ICAICT209A Interact with ICT clients
ICAICT210A Operate database applications
ICAICT212A Incorporate Indigenous needs and perspectives into IT environment
ICAICT301A Create user documentation
ICAICT302A Install and optimise operating system software
ICAICT303A Connect internal hardware components
ICAICT304A Implement system software changes
ICAICT305A Identify and use current industry-specific technologies
ICAICT306A Migrate to new technology
ICAICT307A Customise packaged software applications for clients
ICAICT308A Use advanced features of computer applications
ICPMM321C Capture a Digital Image
ICASAS201A Maintain inventories for equipment, software and documentation
ICASAS202A Apply problem-solving techniques to routine IT malfunctions
ICASAS203A Connect Hardware Peripherals
ICASAS204A Record client support requirements
ICASAS205A Maintain IT System Integrity
ICASAS206A Detect and protect from Spam and Destructive Software
ICAWEB201A Use Social Media Tools for Collaboration and Engagement
BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS Processes
BSBSUS201A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Certificate I in IT (ICA05)

ICAU128B Operate a Personal Computer
ICAU129B Operate a Word Processing Application
ICAU130B Operate a Spreadsheet Application
ICAU131B Operate a Database Application
ICAU132B Operate a Presentation Package
ICAU133B Send and Retrieve Information over the Internet
BSBCMN106A Follow workplace safety procedures

Certificate II in IT (ICA05)

ICAD2003B Receive and Process Oral and Written Communication
ICAD2012B Design Organisational Documents using Commercial Computing Packages
ICAI2015B Install Software Applications
ICAS2008B Maintain inventories for equipment, software and documentation
ICAS2009B Interact with Clients
ICAS2010B Apply Problem Solving Techniques to achieve Organisational Goals
ICAS2014B Connect hardware Peripherals
ICAS2017B Maintain System Integrity
ICAS2243B Detect and protect from Spam and Destructive Software
ICAU3004B Apply Occupational Health and Safety Procedures
ICAU2005B Operate Computer Hardware
ICAU2006B Operate Computing Packages
ICAU2007B Maintain Equipment and Consumables
ICAU2013B Integrate Commercial Computing Packages
ICAU2231B Use a Computer Operating System
ICAW2001B Work Effectively in an Information Technology Environment
ICAW2002B Communicate in the Workplace
ICPMM263B Access and use the Internet

Certificate III in IT (ICA05)

ICAD3218B & ICAD4217B Create User and Technical Documentations
ICAI3101B Install and Manage Network Protocols
ICAI3020B Install and Optimise System Software
ICAI3021B Connect Internal Hardware Components
ICAS4023B Provide One to One Instruction
ICAS3024B Provide Basic System Administration
ICAT3025B Run Standard Diagnostic Tests
ICAS3031B Provide Advice to Clients
ICAS3032B Provide Network Systems Administration
ICAS3034B Determine and Action Network Problems
ICAS3115B Maintain Equipment and Software in Working Order
ICAS3120B Administer and Configure a Network Operating System
ICAS3121B Administer Network Peripherals
ICAU3019B Migrate to New Technology
ICAU3126B Use Advanced Features of Computer Applications

Certificate IV in IT (IVA05)

ICAI4097A Install and Configure a Network
ICAITI100A Build an Internet Infrastructure
ICAITPM129A Apply skills in Project Integration
ICAITS020B Install and Optimise System Software
ICAI4029A Install Network Hardware to a Network
ICAITS030B Install Software to Networked Computers
ICAITS034B Determine and Action Network Problems
ICAITS106A Action and Complete Change Requests
ICAITS107A Rectify System Faults on a Live System
ICAITS112A Optimise System Performance
ICAITS116A Undertake Capacity Planning
ICAITS124A Monitor and Administer Network Security
ICAITTW027B Relate to Clients on a Business Level
ICAITU126A Use Advanced Features of Computer Applications
ICAITU127A Operate System Software
BSX154L403 Apply Skills in Time Management
BSX154L405 Apply Skills in Quality Management
ICAITTW026B Coordinate and Maintain Teams
ICAITU019B Migrate to New Technology
ICPMM41cA Incorporate text into Multimedia Presentations
ICPMM42cA Incorporate 2D graphics into multimedia presentations
ICPMM43cA Incorporate digital photography into multimedia presentations
ICPMM65D Create Webpages using Multimedia

Diploma in IT (Network Management)

ICAITAD042B Confirm client business need
ICAITAD043B Develop and present a feasibility report
ICAITAD044B Develop system infrastructure design plan
ICAITAD045B Produce network/communication design
ICAITAD053B Design system security and controls
ICAITAD056B Prepare disaster recovery/contingency plans
ICAITB059B Develop detailed technical design
ICAITB070B Create code for applications
ICAITB074B Monitor the system pilot
ICAITI098B Install and manage complex networks
ICAITI099B Build an intranet
ICAITS122A Troubleshoot and resolve network problems
ICAITS123B Manage network security
ICAITT077C Develop detailed test plan
ICAITT083B Develop and conduct client acceptance test
BSX154L501 Guide application of project integrative processes
BSX154L602 Manage scope
BSX154L604 Manage cost
BSX154L605 Manage quality
BSX154L606 Manage human resources
BSX154L607 Manage communications
BSX154L608 Manage risk
BSX154L609 Manage procurement

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