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New Metals Engineering Units

The following is a list of Metals Engineering units available using WebTrain based Learning Management Systems.

MEM03001 (Perform Manual Production Assembly (V2))
MEM03003 (Perform Sheet and Plate Assembly (V1))
MEM04018 (Perform General Woodworking Machine Operations (V1))
MEM05004 (Perform Routine Oxy Acetylene Welding (V1))
MEM05005 (Carry out Mechanical Cutting (V1))
MEM05006 (Perform Brazing and/or Silver Soldering (V1))
MEM05007 (Manual Heating and Thermal Cutting (V1))
MEM05010 (Apply Fabrication, Forming and Shaping Techniques (V1))
MEM05011 (Assemble Fabricated Components (V1))
MEM05012 (Perform Routine Manual Metal Arc Welding (V1))
MEM05015 (Weld using MMAW Process (V1))
MEM05016 (Perform Advanced Welding using MMAW Process (V1))
MEM05017 (Weld using GMAW Process (V1))
MEM05018 (Perform Advanced Welding using GMAW Process (V2))
MEM05019 (Weld using GTAW Process (V1))
MEM05020 (Perform Advanced Welding using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process (V1))
MEM05036 (Repair/Replace/Modify Fabrications (V1))
MEM05037 (Perform Geometric Development (V1))
MEM05049 (Perform Routine Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (V1))
MEM05050 (Perform Routine Gas Metal Arc Welding (V1))
MEM05051 (Select Welding Processes (V2))
MEM05052 (Apply Safe Welding Practices (V1))
MEM07001 (Perform Operational Maintenance of Machines/Equipment (V1))
MEM07005 (Perform General Machining (V1))
MEM07006 (Perform Lathe Operations (V1))
MEM07007 (Perform Milling Operations (V1))
MEM07008 (Perform Grinding Operations (V1))
MEM07015 (Set Computer Controlled Machines/Processes (V1))
MEM07021 (Perform Complex Lathe Operations)
MEM07032 (Use Workshop Machines for Basic Operations (V1))
MEM09002 (Interpret Technical Drawing (V1))
MEM09003 (Prepare Basic Engineering Drawings (V1))
MEM11001 (Erect/Dismantle Scaffolding and Equipment (V1))
MEM11010 (Operate Mobile Load Shifting Equipment (Forklift lnduction) (V2))
MEM11011 (Undertake Manual Handling (V2))
MEM11022 (Operate Fixed / Movable Load Shifting Equipment)
MEM12001 (Use Comparison and Basic Measuring Devices (V1))
MEM12003 (Perform Precision Mechanical Measurement (V1))
MEM12006 (Mark Off/Out (General Engineering) (V1))
MEM12007 (Mark off/out Structural Fabrications and Shapes (V1))
MEM12023 (Perform Engineering Measurements (V2))
MEM12024 (Perform Computations (V2))
MEM13003 (Work Safely with Industrial Chemicals and Materials (V2))
MEM13014 (Apply Principles of WH&S in the Work Environment (V1))
MEM13015 (Work Safey and Effectively in Manufaturing or Engineering (V1))
MEM14004 (Plan To Undertake a Routine Task (V2))
MEM14005 (Plan a Complete Activity (V2))
MEM14006 (Plan Work Activities (V4))
MEM15002 (Apply Quality Systems (GV1))
MEM15024 (Apply Quality Procedures (GV1))
MEM16006 (Organise and Communicate Information (GV1))
MEM16007 (Work with Others in a Manufacturing, Engineering or Related Environment (GV1))
MEM16008 (lnteract with Computing Technology (GV1))
MEM17003 (Assist in the Provision of On the Job Training (GV1))
MEM18001 (Use Hand Tools (V1))
MEM18002 (Use Power Tools in Hand Held Operations (V1))
MEM18003 (Use Tools for Precision Work (GV1))
MEM18006 (Repair and Fit Engineering Components (GV1))
MEM18007 (Maintain and Repair Mechanical Drives and Transmission Assemblies (V1))
MEM18009 (Perform Levelling and Alignment of Machines and Eng Components (V1))
MEM18011 (Shut Down and Isolate Machines/Equipment (V1))
MEM18012 (Perform Installation and Removal of Mechanical Seals (V1))
MEM18013 (Perform Gland Packing (V1))
MEM18018 (Maintain Pneumatic System Components (V1))
MEM18020 (Maintain Hydraulic System Components (V1))
MEM18055 (Dismantle, Replace and Assemble Engineering Components (V1))
MEM30012 (Apply Mathematics in a Manufacturing Eng. or Related Env. (V1))
MEM25001 (Apply Fibre Reinforced Materials (V1))
MEM25002 (Form and Integrate Fibre Reinforced Materials (V1))
MEM25005 (Construct and Assemble Marine Vessel Timber Components (V4))
MEM25009 (Form Timber Shapes Using Timber Processes (V4))
MEM25010 (Perform Fitout Procedures (V4))
MEM25011 (Install Marine Systems (V4))
MEM25012 (Install and Test Operations of Marine Auxiliary Systems (V4))
MEM25013 (Produce 3D Plugs and Moulds (V4))
MEM25014 (Perform Marine Slipping Operations (V4))
MEM25015 (Assemble and Install Equipment and Accessories/Ancillaries (V4))
MEM26001 (Lay up Composites using Open Moulding Techniques (V4))
MEM26002 (Lay up Composites using Vacuum Closed Moulding Techniques (V4))
MEM26004 (Make Basic Plugs for Composites Fabrication (V4))
MEM26005 (Make Basic Moulds for Composites Fabrication (V4))
MEM26006 (Mark and Cut Out Sheet for Composite Use (V4))
MEM26007 (Select and Use Reinforcing Appropriate for Product (V4))
MEM26008 (Select and Use Resin Systems Appropriate for Product (V4))
MEM26009 (Select and Use Cores and Fillers Appropriate for Product (V4))
MEM26010 (Store and Handle Composite Materials (V4))
MEM50002 (Work Safely on Marine Craft (V1))
MEM50003 (Follow Work Procedures to Maintain the Marine Environment (V1))
MSMENV272 (Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices (V1))

Cert II Engineering Pathways

All units are available for the Cert II Engineering Pathways qualification.

MEMPE001A Use Engineering Workshop Machines
MEMPE002A Use Electric Welding Machines
MEMPE003A Use Oxy-Acetylene and Soldering Equipment
MEMPE004A Use Fabrication Equipment
MEMPE005A Develop a Career Plan for the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
MEMPE006A Undertake a Basic Engineering Project
MSAENV272 Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
MSAPMSUP106 Work in a Team

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