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Transport and Logistics Subjects

The following is a list of Transport and Logistics subjects available using WebTrain based Learning Management Systems.

Transport and Logistics

Certificate I in T&L

TLIB1028 - Maintain and use handtools
TLIB1031 - Clean up plant, equipment and worksite
TLIC2002 - Drive vehicles
TLID1001 - Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
TLID1002 - Shift a load using manually operated equipment
TLIE1003 - Participate in basic workplace communication
TLIE1005 - Carry out basic workplace calculations
TLIF1001 - Follow workplace health and safety procedures
TLIG1001 - Work effectively with others
TLII1002 - Apply customer service skills
TLIL1001 - Complete workplace orientation induction procedures

Certificate II in T&L

TLIA0003 - Complete and check import/Export documentation
TLIA2011 - Package goods
TLIA2012 - Pick and process orders
TLIA2013 - Receive goods
TLIA2014 - Use product knowledge to complete work operation
TLIA2020 - Replenish stock
TLIA2021 - Dispatch stock
TLIA2022 - Participate in stocktakes
TLIA2044 - Carry out delivery operations
TLIB2001 - Check and assess operational capabilities of equipment
TLIB0002 - Carry out vehicle inspection
TLIB2008 - Carry out inspection of trailers
TLIC2002 - Drive vehicles
TLID2003 - Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances
TLID2004 - Load and unload goods and cargo
TLID2010 - Operate a forklift

Certificate III in T&L

TLID0003 - Control lift and movement of crane
TLID0009 - Shift loads using cranes
TLIE3004 - Prepare workplace documents
TLIE3010 - Estimate furniture removal jobs
TLIE0004 - Maintain freight records
TLIF3003 - Implement and monitor WH&S procedures
TLIF1001 - Follow WH&S Procedures
TLIF3013 - Co-ordinate breakdowns and emergencies
TLIF2019 - Ensure safe on-board passenger and working environment
TLIG3002 - Lead a work team or group
TLIH3002 - Plan and navigate routes
TLIJ3002 - Apply quality systems
TLIJ3005 - Sample, inspect and test products to specifications
TLIJ5007 - Conduct internal quality audits
TLIL3003 - Conduct induction process
TLIO0003 - Follow security procedures when working with goods and cargo
TLIO0102 - Follow security procedures when working with passengers and personnel
TLIO3004 - Conduct control procedures for transfering explosives and dangerous/specialised goods
TLIO0001 - Undertake emergency response action to a security threat
TLIQ3026 - Maintain financial records in a small business

Certificate IV in T&L

TLIA4031 - Consolidate freight
TLIA4032 - Organise transport of freight or goods
TLIE4006 - Collect, present and analyse workplace data and information
TLIE4013 - Apply workplace statistics
TLIF0012 - Implement and coordinate emergency accident procedures
TLIF4014 - Develop and maintain a safe workplace
TLIG4005 - Organise transport workload
TLIG4006 - Facilitate work teams
TLII4005 - Market services and products to clients
TLIL4005 - Apply conflict grievance resolution strategies
TLIL4009 - Manage personal work priorities and professional development
TLIL4010 - Assess and confirm customer transport requirements
TLIL4032 - Implement equal employment equity strategies
TLIL4036 - Develop rosters
TLIL4037 - Apply and amend rosters
TLIP4001 - Develop plans to meet customer and organisation
TLIP4002 - Facilitate and capitalise on change in the work

Business Services units available to be used with the T&L package

BSBCUS201 - Deliver a service to customers
BSBWOR501 - Organise personal work priorities and development
BSBCUS401 - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategy
BSBRSK501 - Manage risk
BSBWHS521 - Ensure a safe workplace
BSBSBM417 - Recruit and select personnel
BSBWRK411 - Manage industrial relations

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