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Why Use E-Learning?

History of training in recent years

In 1970, everybody expected to be in one job for his or her entire life. In the vast majority, those people were trained using traditional classroom methods. There were no computers. Computers are a recent event. PC's were not even invented until the mid 80's.

In 2010 (a mere 40 years later), everybody can expect to live their lives knowing that they will train for new jobs all their working life. And it is definitely technology that has caused this change.

We all know this but we are slowly changing how people are trained. How can you train people many times in their lifetime with the same sized group of trainers you had in 1970? It cannot be done using traditional methods. The answer is "You can but only by using Technology to solve the problem". E-Learning is the answer and a blended training approach is best.

How do you use E-Learning

The major costs in training are staff and infrastructure. Some of the work need not be done in classrooms or taught by teachers. The amount of this work is variable depending on the subject area being taught or trained. There are many excellent examples of how to achieve great results using E-Learning if certain things are implemented. Be aware though, that not all organisations are capable of implementing an E-Learning solution. If you don't have committed staff and Business, Financial, Staffing and IT plans to achieve a successful E-Learning outcome, you won't get there.


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